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I am running Windows 7 under VMWare Fusion on Snow Leopard, connecting to my router via Airport.

When I select "Share the Mac's network connection (NAT)" under the Network options, everything works fine.

But I want the Windows VM to have its own, externally visible, IP Address, so I choose "bridged", and now the internet doesn't work in the VM, or takes ages to find sites, and drops connections sporadically.

Anything I should be doing? Is this an Airport-related problem?

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Do you have Internet Sharing turned on? (Even if it's not being used, just enabled). That can cause problems with bridged mode in VMWare Fusion. I was experiencing something similar, turned off Internet Sharing (wasn't actively using it anyways) and the problem went away.

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No Tim - internet sharing is turned off. – Thomas Browne Dec 21 '09 at 11:37
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Actuallly, seems like my router was the problem.

I am based in London, using a very recent 2-wire "business broadband" router from BT. Because it doesn't do Wifi "n" (only b/g) I have a Time Capsule bridged to it which serves as my Wifi node.

Seems either the 2-wire or the time capsule don't like VM Ware bridged mode, since I have another wifi connection (Virgin cable) and that works fine.

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