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I'm using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8, and occasionally one off my favorites (Link) folders will get a very small box in the upper right corner (on the favorites menu drop down itself) and not open at all. I can't figure out how it got there or how to disable it, and I have to completely shut IE down and restart it to get rid of it.

Any clues on what's going on?

In Windows 7 the box is really small, but it's still there, and the same behavior:

Little Box Favorites Menu

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To clarify: you're talking about Favorites on the main IE8 menu, between View and Tools, and when you drop down the list of Favorites from there, sometimes one of the Favorites - a folder (not a shortcut) - has a small box in the top left corner of the folder icon? Does the icon itself disappear? What about the folder name? – boot13 Jul 10 '10 at 5:43
Actually, top right corner of the folder icon. Nothing disappears, it just won't open. – Lance Roberts Apr 28 '11 at 20:20
Can you add a screenshot to your question? – CarlF Apr 28 '11 at 21:05
@CarlF, I'll do that the next time it comes up, it's pretty arbitrary. – Lance Roberts Apr 28 '11 at 21:09
Could you post a screenshot of this ? – harrymc Jan 4 '12 at 21:13

Can't hurt to check out "Fix IE Utility"

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Favorites are normally stored in C:\Documents and Settings\\Favorites. Take a look at the folder in Windows Explorer - check for weird files and delete anything that isn't a folder or a shortcut.

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It's not a behavior that sticks around. If you open a different window with IE in it, it doesn't have it. Or you can just open and close the current window, and it goes away. – Lance Roberts Jul 10 '10 at 18:16

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