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I have a problematic Fedora partition and I would like to reinstall Fedora over it again, but I don't want to lose anything I have on the disk.

Is it possible?

If it is not possible, there's any way to access the disk partition to save the contents of /home ?

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you'll be on the good way if you have an /home partition: if it so, you will have no problem. Just install without formatting the /home partition. If not, you could copy inside an external hard drive or using an online hosting service the content of your /home, then install your fedora and copy back the content of the /home.

I'll be around to hear from you and the other SuperUsers as well...


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tar cvpf /some/external/disk/home.tar /home tar xvpf /some/external/disk/home.tar -C / – baumgart Dec 22 '09 at 2:16
I don't have a /home partition. /home is in the same partition as fedora itself. The problem as I said, is that my current installation of Fedora gives a blank screen after boot, so I do not have access to the main disk, so I cannot tar what is inside. If I disconnect this hard disk and connect it to an ubuntu machine, will that machine saw the disk? (yes, I am sure the disk is OK, just the boot is broken) – SpaceDog Dec 22 '09 at 4:26
I would use a liveCD in order to tar the /home (actually I would just copy it, without compression): how it sounds? – dag729 Dec 22 '09 at 11:49

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