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Is it possible to exactly set the scale in Google Earth?

By “exactly” I mean entering a concrete number, either the scale ratio (natural length to length on screen; of course this depends on knowing the display's DPI) or the length of the scale bar shown on the lower left.

The latter would be preferable, because I'd like to have “nice” numbers at the scale bar. Using the mouse or keyboard controls for zooming to a nice number is quite hard, even when pressing the Alt key for slower speed.

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Seems that GoogleEarth not have possibilites like GoogleMaps with zooming URL tricks something like "&z=22".

BUT you can use the ALT key in combination with most of keystrokes (keyboard shortcuts) to move more slowly in the indicated direction. That gives you the fine grain control you're asking for:

  • holding down the Alt key when using the +/- keys to zoom allows much finer control of the zoom, and hence scale bar values
  • or use PgUp and PgDn keys (which I prefer) for zoom in/out.
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