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There's two similar groups in ubuntu: admin and adm, I found that /var/log/apache2 is in the adm group, and default sudoers includes admin group, what's difference between the two?

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The adm group is only good for viewing all the log files in /var/log (which historically used to be called /var/adm). It has no relation to sudo or root.

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Admin is just wrong, it's probably there as an example. Adm is a historical artifact. You can see if either group exists on your system and if there are files/directories owned by them. There may also be PAM (limits.conf) rules.

They are nothing magical. They are just normal groups that may or may not be used in some config or filesystem permission.

You can have a look at Securing Debian Manual for explanations to some of the names. If Ubuntu has a matching one, you might want that instead.

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