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My audio input is a mix of my mic output and my sound card output. I'd like it to be just my mic output. I was able to do so in Ubuntu 9.04 but the interface is 9.10 is totally changed and I tried every my creativity was able to think.

It's really annoying when talking to other people over the internet because they keep hearing their voice back.

I'm not sure I explained it in clear way so I'll give you an example:

What I do:
I put an mp3 on play or a video on youtube then open a recorder and start to talk on my mic.

What happens:
both my voice and audio from mp3/youtube get reordered, even if I put headphones volume to 0 (via hardware).

What I'd like to happen:
Only my voice should be recorded.

I'm sure I'm missing some technical term, but that's the problem and I'd like to solve it in Ubuntu 9.10, any idea?

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did you ever get this solved? Are you still on 9.10? – Sathya Jul 2 '12 at 2:58

Go to "Sound Preferences" and select the "Input" tab. See if you can view any changes if you speak into the microphone. If not, type the following into a terminal:

sudo apt-get install axle

You might have to restart your computer afterwards.

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Sounds like stereomix is activated. Unfortunately I do not know where to do this in ubuntu, but you may have a look if there is a slider for stereomix in your sound options. If you find such a slider, make sure to set it to 0.

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Try to play around with alsamixer.

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