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2Wire image

I installed Windows 7 on a separate drive, and everything works fine, but I can't get the above network adapter to work properly. It's displayed in Device Manager as a USB device, and I have the driver that makes it function in Vista, but when I run the Driver Wizard and direct it to directory where I have the Vista driver, it almost immediately says "Can't install driver."

Is there any work around to this?

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According to Microsoft, development milestones of Windows 7 fail to play nice with USB network adapters that rely on pre-Windows Vista drivers. The symptoms involve NDIS 5.x USB network adapters not being displayed in the Windows 7 Performance Monitor. NDIS refers to the Network Driver Interface Specification library, which, following the transition from Windows XP to Windows Vista, evolved to version 6.0. Version 5 of NDIS was used by Windows operating systems before Vista.

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Ugh. Is there any fix to it? What would you suggest I do? It says pre-Windows Vista drivers, but I have a driver in Vista for it, and it functions fine in Vista. – Andrew Dec 22 '09 at 15:59
You could try running it in compatibility mode - – admintech Dec 22 '09 at 16:47
I'll try that. But, the thing is, the way I got it working on Vista was with the .sys driver file and then Updating the driver through Device Manager. Since I don't have a driver installation program, and only the driver file, would this still possibly work? – Andrew Dec 22 '09 at 16:53
Oh, and if you check back here, can you suggest any USB phoneline adapters that are compatible with 64-bit Windows 7, so that I can just go to Staples or Bestbuy or something and buy one if I don't get this figured out? – Andrew Dec 22 '09 at 16:59

2Wire USB Network Adapter I have came with a QUEST HIGH SPEED QUICK CONNECT 3.6 install disk which it recognized immediately and have had no problems. Just do a driver update from the device manager and have it search the disk.

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It's possible windows 7 does not like the digital signature for your driver.

Try the steps in this link.

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At the moment, this post is essentially only a link. To make sure the answer remains useful even if the link breaks, please edit it to include the relevant information. (Your answer was discovered in an effort to repair or remove old link-only answers.) – Ben N Jan 10 at 4:56

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