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I am searching for a plugin or any other way for n++ to close the last open tag on demand (i.e. assigned to a shortcut key), not automatically.

Sadly all I could find is tag auto-closing (in TextFX and XMLtools), where a tag closure is added when the user types the '>' (like in <div>).

Any suggestions?

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I couldn't find anything for a tag closure, but if you turn on the auto-completion does that do what you need it to?

alt text

alt text

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I enable auto-completion from the second character, much less obtrusive, but not what I've been looking for. I'll file a feature-request to the developer... – Raveren Dec 23 '09 at 10:15

To enable that option (like Coda for Mac, or Aptana) TextFX -> TextFX Settings -> Autoclose XHTML/XML <tags> :)

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However it "autocompletes" the closing tag when I enter the last >. Anyway, I've moved to PHPstorm IDE and it's great. – Raveren Mar 23 '10 at 11:11

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