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Possible Duplicate:
How can I share an external hard drive between a Mac and a PC?

I run VMWare fusion on my macbook pro and one of my virtual drives has reached about 36Gb. I wanted to put the file on an external hard disk I just bought so that I could take it into work and run it there. I formatted my hard disk with NTFS on my PC and then tried to copy the file from my mac onto the drive but it wouldn't allow me too. I kept getting an error code of type 0. Is there a reason I can't copy large files to an NTFS drive on the mac?

I then partitioned the drive to Mac OS Extended and this allowed me to copy the files to the drive, but now I can't see the hard disk on my PC without installing MacDrive. I was hoping the whole process would be a little more seamless. Is there any way around all this kerfuffle?



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You need MacFUSE because MacOS X can only read from NTFS, not write.

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