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Does any windows software exist to auto-adjust the brightness of a monitor (laptop screen and external monitor) based on the amount of light that a connected webcam senses?

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Not sure if such software exists but if its possible its a really good idea, seeing as most modern laptops have built-in webcams. –  Connor W Dec 23 '09 at 20:19

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i was looking for the same thing, for now i only found this, doesn't work with camera, but with time, at least


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I've just done this tonight : http://calvin-studio.fr/projets.php?p=14 (in French)

Archive here , with code + Visual project + executable.

Uses parts of redshift sourcecode, and escapi. So : Windows only, ugly console, never tested on dual display, probably messes with any software calibration tool, f.lux incompatible, Skype/MSN/any_videoconference_software-incompatible.

Works for me, though :)

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