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I'm using mutt for my mail, usually put on the 2nd monitor with some other windows. Because I'm not monitoring that monitor I often miss the new mails.

I want mutt to play a sound (or use Growl) to notify me on new mails. Anyone know about a hook or a command or maybe a procmail filter for that?

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procmail is an appropriate tool for playing a sound when new mail arrives.

I used to use this procmail recipe ...

| /usr/local/bin/wavp full_path_name_to_wav_file >/dev/null

Choose an appropriate command line player for the sound file that you wish to play.

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You'd have to modify or patch mutt to have this functionality as it's not built in. There are other great mail notifiers available though such as biff, which will do this for you, if you don't mind using a separate program.

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