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Scenario: I unpack a file into a temp directory.

Then I movve the file into a different directory. I want the file ACL to only include the perms stipulated in the new containing directory. How can I make that happen?

In UI, and in command line would be good. icacls?

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You could use the reset function of icacls:

ICACLS "C:\path\to\folder" /reset /T /C

then enable inheritance:

ICACLS "C:\path\to\folder" /inheritance:e /T /C
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On Windows XP, I'm getting Invalid parameter "/inheritance:e", any idea? (I've installed icacls a couple of weeks ago, so I don't think upgrading would help). – maaartinus May 14 '11 at 15:53
/inheritance is not listed as a parameter on the icacls documentation page. – Michael Sep 29 '15 at 15:34

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