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I am signed into iChat with my Mobile Me account, Is there a way to add google talk contacts to the account and chat through iChat?

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Here's how to configure iChat to connect to Google Talk:

  1. Open iChat.
  2. From the iChat menu, select Preferences...

  3. Click Accounts along the top of the dialogue box.

  4. Click the + button along the bottom to add a new account.

  5. Select Jabber Account from the Account Type drop-down menu.

  6. Enter the following information in the appropriate fields:

    • Jabber ID:
      • If you're signing in with a Gmail or Google Mail username, enter your full email address.
      • If your Google Talk username isn't associated with any Google email product, add to the end of your username. For example, iloveyoko will become
      • If you're a Google Apps user, enter your full email address (
      • Password: Your password.
      • Server:
  7. Click Add.

  8. Highlight your new account in the Accounts section, and then click Server Settings.
  9. Enter the following information in the appropriate fields:

    • Server:
    • Port: 5223

      Accnt. Prefs

  10. Check the boxes next to Connect using SSL and Allow self-signed certificates. You don't need to check the box next to Warn before password is sent insecurely -- your password is always secure with Google Talk.

  11. Enter iChat in the Location field. If this field is left blank, you won't be able to sign in.

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