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how to take screenshot of my whole city from google maps in maximum possible zoom position?

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You could follow this video tutorial: Google Map hack: How to save large maps

Alternatively you could also try the Google Map Saver application.

alt text

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Open and maximize your browser and get your map the way you want it. You can hide the left side of the window. When you have the zoom and center where you want it, press F11 to hide the browser toolbars and make the browser window as large as possible. Press Alt+Print Screen to capture your screen to the clipbaord. You can paste the captured image into your favorite program graphics capable program. F11 again returns your browser to normal.

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no my whole city map is bigger than my monitor screen –  metal gear solid Dec 24 '09 at 11:43
or get a bigger monitor :p –  ℝaphink Dec 24 '09 at 11:48
You can either zoom out until your whole city fits into your monitor, or you can zoom in and capture sections of your city. Save each section as a graphics file and move the map around and capture sections until you have your entire city. You can then use some stiching software to create a single large image that still won't fit completely on your monitor at once or print each image and paste / tape them into a larger map. –  Beaner Dec 24 '09 at 13:30

Once I tried using many screenshot extensions like Awesome Screenshot and Diigo Web Collector to capture a city map (it outranges the screen) on Google Maps, but failed. It seems that you can’t screenshot the contents beyond the screens on Google Maps. But if you still want the screenshot of your city as big as it can be, the only way is that you firstly zoom it in, and then take a screenshot of it.

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