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I've got a HP LaserJet 1020 printer connected to my 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate machine. I'm sharing this printer out. Got another 64-bit Windows 7 machine, with Home Premium. I installed the printer driver from HP for 64-bit on both machines. However, the strange thing is that if the Home Premium machine prints something, it never comes out unless I reboot the Ultimate machine.

This is less than optimal.

Any idea what's causing this and if there's anything I can do about it?

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Your alternative to sharing printers is to use a usb print server. I've used my Netgear PS121 for years on various HP printers. Your LaserJet is not specifically mentioned, but I imagine it will work.

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Take a look here: .

It might help you. I don't think there is a permanent solution, but nevertheless.

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