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I run Ubuntu Hardy and Thunderbird version (not tagging for linux/ubuntu since I think is a Thunderbird thing, but you can re-tag if appropriate).

I am really tired of the email notifications, which appear in the right bottom corner of the desktop, often (but not always) covering the desktop switch panel, which I often need to click right when the notification appears (and instead I click the notification by mistake and I become very angry!)

Is there a way to disable the notifications altogether? I don't care about them, in my workflow I just switch to Thunderbird every once in a while when I have a minute or two to read/reply the emails (of course I've searched and RTFM, without any success)

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Edit -> Preferences -> General -> "When new messages arrive:"

Unchecking the "Show an alert"-Box should do the trick.

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This has changed in TB 3 and is now a bit trickier to turn off. You now need to set mail.biff.show_alert to false in the Config Editor as described at For Windows folks do "Tools/Options" rather than "Edit/Preferences" for the first step.

To turn off the notification sound, change mail.biff.play_sound to false. You can also get rid of the system tray icon by changing mail.biff.show_tray_icon to false.

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Go to Tools->Options, then on the general tab, there should be a section at the bottom titled "When a new message arrives". Uncheck the box next to "Show an Alert".

See if that does it for you.

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Great, that makes it! Besides that Tools->Options is different under Linux (I wonder why they made this awful choice):… – Davide Dec 24 '09 at 17:17

The above answer is no longer correct. As of Thunderbird 24.60, and probably earlier, the control is found here:

Tools -> Options -> General tab -> "When new messages arrive:"

Uncheck "Show an alert" box or use the Customize... button to alter the behavior of the notification if you wish.

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