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I have an old machine running windows XP with Outlook XP on it. I have new computer with windows 7 and outlook 2007 on it.

I want to transfer all my email settings, emails and addresses to the new computer. Information on the Internet regarding this seems to be varied confusing and conflicting.

What is the best/recommended way of achieving a complete transfer?

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The easiest way is to install Outlook 2007 on the XP Machine, import the emails from Outlook XP to Outlook 2007, then export the emails as a .pst file so they can be imported on the Windows 7 machine.

  • First, install Outlook 2007 on the XP machine
  • Open it and navigate to File -> Import and Export

    alt text

  • Select import internet mail and addresses

    alt text

  • Select Outlook Express

    alt text

  • Choose how you want to handle duplicates:

    alt text

  • Wait for the import to finish, then you can import account settings as well. From the file menu, go to import and export once again, then select Import internet mail account settings

    alt text

  • Select Outlook to import from

    alt text

  • You now have your emails and settings imported to Outlook 2007 on XP. Go to File -> Import and Export once again, and export your settings to a .pst file. Import this file on your Windows 7 machine into Outlook 2007.

images from Vista4Beginners.

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So I have to waste a outlook 2007 license on a machine I am not going to use not thanks. – trampster Dec 25 '09 at 6:27
You don't have to register it, use a trial:… – John T Dec 25 '09 at 6:32

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