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I would like to compare two sheets (sheet1 and sheet2), and color a compleet row in sheet2 when for example 1 or more the same numbers are found in sheet1,

I came this far but then everything gets blurry.


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Case A: Sheet1: 1 2 3 Sheet2: 1 5 6 Case B: Sheet1: 1 2 3 Sheet2: 4 1 6 Case C: ...??? Could you specify your request? – Toc Dec 27 '09 at 15:03
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Suppose you are interested only in the first 100 rows. Then:

  1. define the following name: int2 for Sheet2!$A$1:$A$100
  2. define for cells A1:A100 in Sheet1 the following formula for conditional format: =SUM(--(ISERROR(MATCH($A$1:$A$100,int2,0))=FALSE))>0
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