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I'm wondering if it's possible to connect to my user account on my desktop from my dads laptop straight from the logon screen(so without logging into my dads account and then using remote desktop(he has a password which he won't tell me) we both have windows 7 professional.

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You can't really use RDC without logging in, but if you burn a Linux LiveCD such as Ubuntu, you can boot from it without installing and use tsclient which can RDC to a Windows PC:

alt text

Once arriving at a desktop from booting, navigate to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal. type tsclient and press Enter. If you get an error, you need to install it, type sudo apt-get install tsclient and once again press Enter, then run tsclient again. If you don't get an error, you'll see the window above, which you can use like regular remote desktop.

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