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I've done this before, and everything "just worked" but for some reason setting up a VHD dual boot with Windows 7 this time is stalling.

I create the VHD, no problem I Install the image form \sources\install.wim no problem I add an entry to the boot config with bcdedit.

boot the new image and everything looks good. It goes through the whole adding devices phase and then stops with a dialog box saying: Windows could not update the computer's boot configuration. Installation cannot proceed"

What did I miss?

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Since this is a very old post I'll assume Ralph solved it, gave up or just had some luck and it "just worked" again.

But for everyone else landing on this question on SuperUser:

I suggest you follow the approach outlined by Scott Hanselman on this blog post here.

In particular the section titled 'Install Windows 7 to a new, fresh VHD'

Some key tips that have worked for me in setting up bootable VHDs is to do it via the Windows 7 installation process via the 'repair your computer' option:

  1. Use the 'create vdisk', 'select vdisk' and 'attach vdisk' commands
  2. Do all your initial bcdedit configuration here
  3. Follow the rest of the steps/tips
  4. Success
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