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I'm looking to buy a new netbook, or laptop. I'm not looking for a monster capable of running games, and I'd like one able to use the GPS system.

Some models with GPS seem a bit pricey, and the pcmcia cards look enormous. I even read the instructions of the guy who put a gps unit in is eeePC, but it seems a bit too complicated to do for me, plus he says he gets a bad reception.

If we can have gps in a iphone, surely it mustn't be that hard to have it in a netbook ?

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could you please turn 'affordable' into some .. numeric value + currency? – akira Dec 26 '09 at 22:47
About 400 euros. – Manu Dec 26 '09 at 23:12
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ASUS' Eee PC T91 is equipped with a TV tuner and Global Positioning System (GPS).

alt text

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alt text

The Dell Mini 10 (pictured), and the Eee PC T91 have a built in GPS and are both in your price range. Also, you can buy a GPS receiver and software for a laptop or netbook.

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I used a regular laptop with this thing GPS-18 - worked fine. Could save some money if you've already got a laptop/netbook, and the thing is practically indestructible (fell off the car's roof), and has an excellent signal receiver.

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