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Does anybody know how to get the Atheros ar242x wireless adapter working under Debian Linux (5.0.2 and/or 5.0.3)? My Debian live CDs and install CDs both don't like this card at all.

Curisouly, it seems to work on other, Debian-based, Linuxes.

Is this a free/non-free Driver issue? I know Debian gets mardy about that.

Although for what it's worth, the Live CD doesn't seem to detect my wired LAN connection either...

Specifically this is on a Samsung R610 laptop (some version of which seem to have an intel wireless adapter - this one definitely doesn't!)

I've tried all sorts of things but obviously on a live CD installing software is limited. I've also tinkerering with network config files and kernel modules etc but to no avail.

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The MadWifi driver should work.

  • Download the latest version
  • Extract it:
$tar xzvf madwifi-hal-
  • Compile it:
$cd madwifi-hal-
  • Install as root:
$sudo make install
  • Load the module:
$modprobe ath_pci
  • Configure it to load at bootup:
$echo "ath_pci" >> /etc/modules

You should be good to go.

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