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I am managing a running club and I am looking for an online app to help me keep track of members and their subscriptions (whom has paid, when will their subscription expire, etc).

I want it to be online since there will be more then one person using it. If it's open-source or free service that would be great.

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Googling found Kilabu, registered in England :

This is a free to use membership management system for sports, recreational and interest group clubs. It handles all the normal MRM / CRM features like billing, contact recording; plus it allows the generation of registers, tracks progress, and helps manage sports safety. The system also incorporates facility booking. Members can access their own information on line.

I haven't registered to try it out, but some hints in the terms seem to say that it's add-supported, which I suppose doesn't matter too much.

Note: Kilabu means "club" in Swahili.

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