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I just installed Thunderbird 3.0 and there are a few things driving me batty.

When new email is delivered it has a faint star to the left of the subject (this is different than the new star column thing). In the old days (i.e. last week) the new message indicator wouldn't go away until I read the message or left the folder and returned. Now, as soon as I do anything with any email message, all new message indicators are cleared.

How can I go back to the old behavior?

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To get old behaviour of message reading in Thunderbird 3.0 try :

Compact Header Addon

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I don't understand why that would help in my case. I tried it, mind you, but it didn't help at all. Thanks for trying, though. – Joe Casadonte Jan 12 '10 at 2:12
I added this because you wrote about old behaviours in thunderbird 3 :) – NT. Jan 13 '10 at 7:00

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