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I've got a pretty beefy Mac Pro on my desk, and I've used it in Boot Camp mode (with Windows XP) for most of its life.

Every time I delete a file, Explorer hangs for about a minute. Doesn't matter if it's a small file or a big file (mostly I notice when I'm deleting a wayward shortcut on the desktop) but deletes always take way longer than it makes sense for them to.

What does that indicate? Boot Camp partition issues? Anti-virus software making absolutely sure that the file is properly deleted? TortoiseSVN checking that the deleted files weren't part of some repository? Windows Indexer being overzealous?

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Empty the trash.

When the trash is full and you delete a new file, Windows needs to index the entire can to figure out what to delete.

Alternatively, you can hold down [Shift] when you delete a file to skip the trash can and delete it permanently.

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that, uh, whoa. that worked. can't believe I didn't think of that. – dnord Dec 29 '09 at 14:57

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