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Hello guys Let's say i have a list of 5 IPs (myself included) and when i host a game on LAN(starcraft, aoe, warcraft..) i want the others 4 to see it on LAN. Any tips of how to accomplish it? I am looking forward to your replays. Thanks.

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LAN play is for users on the LAN. If they're on the LAN, they should see your game. If they're not, there's no way to play with them on LAN mode unless you use something like Hamachi.

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Why the downvote? +1. This exactly what the OP is looking for; Hamachi is a simple VPN app. – RJFalconer Dec 29 '09 at 0:20

Setting up a VPN on windows requires one of the players to change router settings and be set up to receive incoming VPN connections. While not impossible, it's a rather more arduous process than using 3rd-party VPN applications.

These include Hamachi (ceejayoz's answer and my first choice), Tunngle, and Garena.

There's a tutorial on using these applications to play Left-4-Dead-2 here.

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