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I have a Wireshark capture file with a HTTP request, however, the request is gzipped.

My question is how can I ungzip it so see what data was transfered in cleartext?

The capture file is here if anyone is interested: http://datanethost.net/superuser/log.cap

For inquiring minds, it is a request from malware, but I am curious to see what it was "talking" about. I know who it was "talking" to, I just don't know what.

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From what I can figure, the TCP packets in frames 78 through 89 appear to be encrypted, Tor communication.

That is quite regular for malware that does not want you to know what it calls 'home' (which is almost all Malware).

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Thats interesting, because it seems on every reboot it appears trying to communicate to muza-flowers.biz not a random host like the Tor project tries to do. It is REALLY odd, because in the HTTP header the host is muza-flowers.biz, but the IP its communicating with is not the A record for muza-flowers.biz. –  Nathan Adams Dec 29 '09 at 14:55

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