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I like email to stay an asynchronous system as it was designed. Whenever I receive an outlook email notification, I get out of my work flow and become unproductive, "event-driven"...

How do I turn the notification in Outlook off? I'm using 2003...

P.S: I would opt for not using outlook at all but unfortunately at the company I work at, I have to use it...

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I've only got access to Outlook 2007 but I believe the options are the same:

Tools > Options > E-mail Options > Advanced E-mail Options...

In this dialog there's a section headed "When new items arrive in my Inbox".

alt text

Clear them all.

I've no idea why these options are buried so deep within the UI - it's bad design.

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  1. From the Tools menu select Options.
  2. Click the Preferences tab.
  3. Click the Email Options button.
  4. Uncheck "Display a notification message when new mail arrives."
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Under Tools -> Options -> Preferences -> Email Options -> Advanced Email Options you can configure how you are alerted and optionally turn them off.

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