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when closing word after copying a large amount of text I get message "you placed a large amount of text on the clipboard.Do you want this text to be available to other applications after you quit Word"

how can I set this to always answer yes without interupting me?

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This AutoHotkey script will do the trick

While 1

    WinWait, Microsoft Office Word, You placed a large amount of text on the Clipboard
    ControlClick Button1


Button1 is the control name for the "Yes" button.

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ClickOff is just terrific.

when the windows pops up the next time, hover the mouse over the button you want to press (Yes) and press CTRL + ALT + D to add this action to the list of warnings you want to intercept, from now on this warning won't bother you anymore.

alt text

alt text

ClickOff is freeware.

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