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In Outlook 2007, what is the way to save Address book entries as Contacts? The "Add to contacts" option under Address book's file menu is grayed out.

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The reason why it is greyed out is possibly becuase it is missing or corrupt. Try this article out on re-installing it...

I have had similar problems why users in the past....

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I'm not sure about 2007, but I used to have a problem with 2003 where the default was actually pointing to an improper file. Once I set the proper file, all was okay. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Regards.

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Are you referring to the MS Address Book application? If so, you can drag-and-drop contacts from Address Book to Outlook Contacts, by dropping a contact onto the Contacts entry on the navigation pane.

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That is the way to save address book entries as contacts.

You're encountering some type of error, but we'd need some more information to figure out what the cause is.

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Did you select any entry in the address book? If not the "Add to contacts" option is grayed out.

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