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I'm looking for a multi-protocol instant messaging client that supports proxy configuration on a per account basis for Windows (Vista/7). Specifically, I would like to connect to AIM, MSN and Google Talk though a proxy and an XMPP server without hitting the proxy.

What options (if any) do I have?

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Pidgin allows you to configure the connection settings for each account separately

Pidgin supports all the protocols you have mentioned and many more.

Pidgin is open source freeware, a portable version is available.

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You have Miranda-IM, which allows per-protocol proxy-ing, as well as per-server proxying for IRC connections, and differing proxies for secure connections. It definately supports AIM, MSN, and XMPP, but I've never looked into GTalk. I recall a plugin existing, however, so you could be in luck!

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Google Talk is XMPP, so Jabber should suffice. –  Joey Dec 29 '09 at 23:39

Trillian Astra works great

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