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I download subtitles for a video, but it's text was not in sync with my video sound and needs to be shifted forward for some seconds. How can I do it easily in OSX 10.6.?

I don't want suggestions for any extra applications like jubler. I want to know: Is it possible to do it with default application on OSX?

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Am1rr3zA -

If you are viewing subtitles in QuickTime you're already using other software (like Perian, etc). My suggestion would be to use VLC which offers some subtitle shifting through Ctrl+H, Ctrl+J while viewing.

How far off are the subtitles? The second response to this post talks about editing the SRT file to manually change the start and end times. My understanding is again that VLC does better with this than QuickTime.


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Tanx for your Answer I'll check it. – Am1rr3zA Dec 30 '09 at 20:19

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