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I'd like to see all the properties of any item in Outlook. I know there are more properties than get exposed via the dialogs and forms within Outlook, but I don't know how to see behind-the-scenes. For example, I'm sure a calendar entry must have a created date stamped on it.

Is there a tool or a secret keyboard shortcut in Outlook or something that lets you see a list of all properties and their values for a given item? I'm thinking along the lines of ADSIEdit and how it can peek into an Active Directory domain and show everything. Perhaps there is something similar for Outlook?

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Try out these two:

Outlook Spy


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Outlook Spy is just what I needed. Thanks! – Ken Pespisa Jan 6 '10 at 21:15

For many items you can just choose the fields you want to show. Your example of finding the date a calendar item was actually created is quite a common one, and is described in this article: Using Field Chooser to find out when an Outlook appointment was created

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