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In iTunes, is there a way to filter store search results like in Google? i want to only get apps back from my searches.

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I'm not sure how granular you want your filtering, but there's a panel on the left-hand side that allows you to select specific categories for your search results. There's also a Power Search feature which might have more options for you. In this example, I searched for Wolfenstein and can easily filter out Applications by selecting it in the panel that I've highlighted with a red box. This was using iTunes 9.0.2 on OS X.

iTunes search for Wolfenstein

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That works, though ideally i'd be able to do something like category:apps on the end of my search and it would only show. I was wondering if there was something like that, though that's a decent solution for now. – RCIX Dec 31 '09 at 9:02
Power Search does exaclty what i want! thanks! – RCIX Dec 31 '09 at 9:12

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