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I want to use Google Chrome more often but all my saved passwords are in Firefox.

What's the easiest way to get them into Google Chrome?

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Click the wrench icon next to the URL bar and go to Bookmarks » Import bookmarks and settings

Select Firefox from the drop-down menu and ensure that the "Saved Passwords" box is checked. Finally, click import.

This topic is covered here: Import settings from another browser - Google Chrome Help

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Unfortunately "Mozilla Firefox" does not show up as an option if you only have the portable Firefox version in use. One workaround found: Install Firefox locally, copy the user folders from portable to local, then import (as described here or here). Other workarounds: ... PS: Why got Firefox 47 so slow... which is probably the reason for many users to move to Chrome currently. – Kai Noack Jul 1 at 10:31

You need this to sync your Firefox bookmarks, history, cookies and passwords with Google Chrome:

Xmarks Bookmark Sync

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