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We mostly use Windows XP's "Remote Desktop Connection", but whenever we use it to connect to a computer with multiple monitors, even if the client computer has multiple monitors as well - the remote desktop only 'acts' as one monitor and we're forced to use half (or less!) of our available display area. Also - it completely changes the window arrangement on the second monitor.

Is there a remote desktop application that knows how to deal with this, or is this a problem inherent to Windows XP?

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RDC has supported multiple monitors since 6.0. There is a 6.0 update needed for XP machines which you can download here.

Simply type:

mstsc /span

at the command line while connected.

This article is great for further information and tweaking.

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BTW if you want to actually have "seperate" remote monitors (having two or more screens rather than one giant one), the only solution I have found for this is splitview, which costs $39. If anyone knows a cheaper solution, I would love to hear about it.

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