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I am very new to linux and I do some programming for school in Eclipse. However I stumbled upon bug in eclipse and the suggestion was to install eclipse 3.5.1-0 ubuntu7 using Synaptic.

I opened synaptic but it said that the latest version was just eclipse 3.5.1-0 ubuntu3 so installed it anyway however the bug is still there and I'd like to install eclipse 3.5.1-0 ubuntu7 but I don't know how since Synaptic insists that the latest version is ubuntu3.

I am using Linux mint btw. A bug report of the bug I am experiencing can be found here

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1) Download eclipse from

2) Extract with

tar xzf eclipse-jee-galileo-SR1-linux-gtk.tar.gz
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(or eclipse-jee-galileo-SR1-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz if you install the 64bit version) – RJFalconer Dec 31 '09 at 13:49
Hi I first installed this way and then I found something was wrong so the suggestion was to install from synaptic 3.5.1-0 ubuntu7 but apparently my synaptic is saying that the latest eclipse is 3.5.1-0 ubuntu3 – Jeune Dec 31 '09 at 13:52
What command are you giving to aptitude? It should always give you the latest version unless you specifically specify otherwise – RJFalconer Jan 1 '10 at 1:19

Have you tried downloading (Link for Eclipse Java IDE) and installing the latest eclipse from their site?

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Hi, yes this is the version that actually has the bug and the suggestion was to install from synaptic. – Jeune Dec 31 '09 at 13:48
Latest version is the one linked here. Synaptic only has 3.5.1-0 ubuntu3. If you want 3.5.1-0 ubuntu7 I think you're going to need to install from the gzip. – RJFalconer Jan 1 '10 at 2:09
My original installation the buggy one was from the gzip and that's when I was recommended to install ubuntu7 from Synaptic but apparently it wasn't in the repositories. So guess I am back to square one. hahaha. – Jeune Jan 1 '10 at 2:36

Aptitude should always get you the latest version of eclipse in the ubuntu repository. (Currently 3.5.1+repack~1-0ubuntu3)

If the "download the gzip and install" isn't working for you I suppose it's worth trying installing the repository version and upgrading from there. You have some issue with your current eclipse install, so let's back up settings and reinstall

cd ~
mv .eclipse .eclipse.old
sudo aptitude remove eclipse

You may also want to rename / move your workspace directory. Default is ~/workspace.

cd ~
mv workspace workspace.old

Now install eclipse

sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install eclipse

You will still have the version in the repository.

Run eclipse.

Install/Update->Available Software
Help->Check for updates

Open the same window again. Select all the sources it found, enable them.

Check for updates again.

Help->Install new software

Install eclipse packages you desire.

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Disclaimer; installing from synaptic is a really bad idea imho. The version there is ancient. This method of updating successfully updated Ganymede to Galileo for me, but "apt-cache policy eclipse" still reports 3.5.1-ubuntu3. I don't really know how updating apps outside synaptic affects managed synaptic packages to be honest. – RJFalconer Jan 1 '10 at 2:14
Actually I realized that installing eclipse using aptitude/synaptic et. al gives me the Classic Eclipse. I need the eclipse for Java EE. and keying in the command sudo apt-cache search eclipse doesn't yield a Java EE result. hahaha. Now I have two problems how to install eclipse Java EE and how to update to the latest fixed version. – Jeune Jan 1 '10 at 2:43
Sorry, I'm losing track. What's the problem with the gzip download from I thought you wanted the version from synaptic. – RJFalconer Jan 2 '10 at 1:31
The version from has a bug in it. See edited post. – Jeune Jan 2 '10 at 5:41

The latest version of eclipse on ubuntu repositories is 3.5.1+repack~1-0ubuntu3.

To install a later version you need to download from eclipse website. (As per this answer).

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