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I have my imac set to sleep after half an hour and often manually choose sleep. It rarely ever stays sleeping. It is becoming problematic because I work with a large volume of files a day and would like to keep my current state active for the next day. I am not running any active processes such as ftp, dvds, music, etc. Just simply have saved files open.

While I have printers installed on this computer, as well as the bluetooth mouse that comes with it, I am really baffled that there isn't a better solution than logging out (and thus killing my current session). If this works on linux it should really work here.

Can someone please help me without a lecture about how this is "good" behavior?

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So what happens? It sleeps after 30 minutes but then automatically wakes up soon afterwards? – fideli Dec 31 '09 at 17:32
Also, does the Console log (Applications -> Utilities -> Console) contain anything with the word "sleep" or "wake"? You might see something like "USB caused wake event". – fideli Dec 31 '09 at 17:39

The following article from apple covers many possibilities:

One of them being a bluetooth mouse.

Another article for 10.6:

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