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Does anybody know a simple, one-click application to

  • see the current image on the webcam
  • check the volume level

on Windows XP?

I know this can be found in various ways and places throughout the system but I am looking for a one-click icon that can be put into the quick launch bar.

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you can take a still image with MS Paint (File > From Scanner or Camera... - this will get you a live camera preview, without sound).

if you want to do a quick recording to check the volume level of the microphone, you can use Windows Movie Maker (not all versions of Movie Maker support capture from camera, this portable version does).

if you're looking for something more specific:

WebCam Monitor provides an intuitive user interface to preview the video from your camera. The Preview screen can be used effectively to position your webcam to get the best results while monitoring.

WebCam Monitor is shareware ($69.95), try before you buy.

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MS Paint does seem to offer the option, but doesn't give me a live picture (Windows 7, camera definitely works). Webcam monitor looks interesting, thanks, I'll take a look! – Pekka 웃 Dec 31 '09 at 17:36
windows 7? you tag says XP – Molly7244 Dec 31 '09 at 17:42
Sorry, I meant the tool is intended to run on an XP machine, I just took a peek on my 7 machine. – Pekka 웃 Dec 31 '09 at 20:11

Cheese comes to mind, its for Gnome, but it's made in Mono so maybe it also works on Windows with .Net

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