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i have itunes installed on apple snow. can i use that same music location for my itunes in windows 7 that's on the same computer? i can read hfs partitions on my windows 7. i want to be able to add songs using the windows 7 itunes and that they will be auto added to the mac itunes database.

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I'm going to assume that you've installed Boot Camp and are running Windows 7 along with Snow Leopard on the same machine. While the Boot Camp drivers allow you to read HFS+ partitions, they do not allow you to write to them. Therefore, one approach is to use MacDrive, which enables read/write support for HFS+ partitions in Windows. Using MacDrive, here are some instructions for setting it up such that you can access your OS X iTunes library from Windows.

Another option is to store the entire library on a third partition or an external drive, and have both OS X and Windows point to it.

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