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Does anyone have experience with installing/running Ubuntu (Karmic Koala) on a Mac Pro 8-core desktop?

Does it install smoothly? Are there issues to be aware of?

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This page on the wiki lists the status of various parts of Ubuntu under the Mac Pro. Looks like it's mostly smooth sailing except for a bit of manual work on the video and audio driver side.

There's also a Youtube video of 9.10 running smoothly on a Mac Pro. Looks like you should be alright.

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That video shows Ubuntu running as a virtual machine - you can run pretty much any OS like that (including Windows 3.11), it's not the same as running it on the actual machine.. Regardless, +1 for the Ubuntu Wiki link – dbr Jan 1 '10 at 14:42

I have a mac pro with 32gb ram and 8 cores. I installed Ubuntu 8.0 and it worked liked a dream! Just don't forget to install it as 64 bit!

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