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I know, I should just bite the bullet and use Aperture. But short of that, when I connect my Canon G10 to my computer, iPhoto helpfully offers to import all my photos...which include the RAW files I really want and the JPEG previews that are created by the camera automatically, so I get two of each photo. There is no way to shoot RAW only on the camera that I am aware of, but that would be a solution of sorts. I think the camera display only shows the JPEGs on the screen for the preview function...that would be something to test.

Automator would be a possible option, I guess. I will have to look at what iPhoto commands it offers. If anyone's done this with Automator, I'd love to hear your solution.

But even Automator is a solution after the fact...what I really want to do is not import the JPEGs, not import them and turn around and delete them. It offends my sense of hackerly elegance, I guess. But I'll settle for not having to do it by hand. :)

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It sounds like you can shoot in either RAW mode or RAW+Jpeg mode.

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Argh. Now you know why I'm a network administrator, not a photographer. Thank you. That certainly works. – atroon Jan 1 '10 at 20:47

Just in case you want to keep shooting in RAW+JPG mode, I've made a little AppleScript to make it easier to find those dupes in order to, for instance, delete them: iPhoto non-RAW keyword tagging

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