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My keyboard will extra type two keys wehwen I pressed e, d, c, or 3. Resulting in the following giberrish:

we ds xc 23

The information I got was this is the keyboard problem. Changing the keyboard will solve this problem. Since I am using desktop, the solution in the article ( reseating keyboard connector) is not practical.

Any idea how to fix it without changing the keyboard?

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sounds like something (e.g. coffee) was spilled over the keyboard. It happens all the time at work.


  1. Wash the keyboard, and hang it to dry. But be warned, it isn't 100% safe for electronics.
  2. Buy new keyboard.

hope that helps

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Buying new keyboard is the most cost effective way. – Graviton Jan 20 '10 at 2:57

Open it up and clean it. A typical keyboard switch mechanism consists of various layers and when junk gets in there it causes all sorts of weird behavior.

Do not wash the whole keyboard with tap water. The chlorine and minerals will damage the circuits (it'll probably take a long time though). When people wash electronics, they use either distilled or deionized water.

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