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I would like to upload my code to a visual sourcesafe server, but I want to avoid paying $500 to run my own server. Is there a $5 / month server that allows you to upload Visual Studio code online somewhere?

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SourceAnywhere bills them selves as the "The Hosted Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Alternative", but it looks to be more than $5/mo. I've never used them so no comment there. It was listed in this list of hosted source control providers.

Is there a reason you are stuck on VSS? There are plenty of alternative source control systems, for example SubVersion is open source and so completely free (and will run on Windows)

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I am not sure of anywhere that will do this for that sort of price - Visual Source Safe is not really designed for a hosted environment and I have never seen anywhere that offers it.

Your best bet will be to get the cheapest Windows VPS you can find and install it yourself, alternatively, take a look at a different source control application such as Git Hub, where you can get privatesource code hosting from $7 a month. (cannot really recommend this over any others, just giving an example)

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+1 for GitHub. If he can move away from VSS it's a very good option. – Adam Luchjenbroers Jan 3 '10 at 1:47

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