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I have over 100 bookmark URLs in a firefox bookmark folder.

Is there any tool to organize them more easily than with the build-in Bookmark Organizer? I'm looking for a drag&drop editor.

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create a new folder in the bookmark oganizer and use drag 'n' drop to move the URLs, press CTRL to select multiple URLs. – Molly7244 Jan 2 '10 at 18:58
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It has drag and drop as molly suggests, you will get used to it in 5 min. once you figure out how to DnD. Dont forget to export HTML and backup your bookmarks!

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I'll vote for you since I can't vote molly. I know you can drag & drop in the internal Organizer, but I hoped an even better one exists. – Meh Jan 5 '10 at 20:22

Apart from what Molly suggested in the comments, if you want some juice in your bookmarks handling this looks pretty nice - Incredible Bookmarks

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