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Possible Duplicate:
Change computer name of an Ubuntu desktop computer

I have a system and don't like the user sees the Ubuntu name while system is shutting down(i replaced the splash when starting)

I want to know how can i Change my Ubuntu name in console (you can see by pressing ctrl+alt+F1) from UBUNTU to something else.

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  • Edit /etc/hostname with your editor of choice:
sudo vi /etc/hostname

save the file with your new hostname.

  • You should also edit the hosts file:
sudo vi /etc/hosts

in there you will see the old hostname which may look something like this:        oldhostname

change it so it looks like this, then save and exit:        newhostname

restart the hostname service:

sudo /etc/init.d/ restart
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Copied from the original; migration appears to have bugged out at the precise second I submitted:

Take a look at the hostname command. You might also need to tweak, e.g. /etc/hosts.

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Change the hostname value:

hostname "newservername"

in the /etc/hostname to make it survive reboots.

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