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I just created a blog on blogger and I'm wondering if there's any kind of tool I can use to backup my blog contents. I'm not too worried about blogger going down, but I'd like to have a backup of my contents just in case. Are there any good backup tools for the mac that I could use to download and back up the blog contents?

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I hadn't tried this myself, but I've heard others recommend it. Backupify will allow you to sign-up for a free account until January 31. They offer a free version which I was told stores the file on your machine, or you may choose to store your backup on Amazon's S3 for the normal S3 prices. I need to sign-up for an account myself to backup my online information.

I hope I heard correctly and this works out for you.

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looks interesting. Not seeing an option to save the backups locally, but since it's free right now it's worth a shot. –  Herms Jan 4 '10 at 15:04
That looks interesting, however I don't think I am going to trust them with my Gmail password. –  James McMahon Feb 5 '10 at 18:57

You could just use an rss reader and have it retain the info indefinitely even comments. This would probably be the easiest way.

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