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my parents were cleaning out their house and found an old Mac Classic which I used a long time ago to run HyperCard. I made a couple things which I'd like to keep but I don't know what appliations will even run Hypercard files anymore. Also, I'm using a Windows computer now. Can anyone recommend an emulator or some way to convert it to something I can use on my Windows machine?

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Apparently Revolution can import HyperCard stacks. A commercial application, DIFfersifier, can export text data from HyperCard stacks to files that can be read by database applications:

DIFfersifier is a simple conversion utility that exports text data from HyperCard, Revolution and MetaCard stacks to files that can be read by most database applications.

DIFfersifier 3.4 runs under Mac OS X and Windows. It has not been tested with earlier MacOS versions. If you are using a Macintosh, AppleScript 1.1 or later has to be installed. AppleScript enables a small number of additional features, which are only available for MacOS.

Revolution has a free version (revMedia), and DIFfersifier can be purchased for as little as 14.95 euro for a private license.

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Check out They've got a web-based HyperCard "emulator" that has been able to play a few of my own stacks. Pretty slick.

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Here's a 68k Macintosh emulator:

Here's a link to HyperCard:

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