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I want to run a daily incremental backup and append the day of the week to the file name so I end up with:



Not really bothered about what exactly is appended - 0 - 6 is fine.

How do I go about this?

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Take a look at Advanced date and time math in batch files. You find there a subroutine which converts a date to the Julian calendar and another one which will tell you the weekday.

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Since you're using this for a backup, you are presumably running the script with admin privileges, in which case you can use wmic.

for /F "tokens=2 skip=2 delims=," %%D in ('WMIC Path Win32_LocalTime Get DayOfWeek /Format:csv') do @echo %%D

Will give you the day of week as a number (Monday=1).

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If you have no problem calling an external script, you can use VBScript to get the day of week very easily:

the VBScript code:

wscript.echo WeekdayName(Weekday(Date))

Calling it and using it in your filename:

for /f "delims=" %%a in ('cscript /nologo dayofweek.vbs') do @set myvar=%%a
set filename=backup_%myvar%.bak

then later in your script you can use the variable %filename% to access it. If I ran this today for example, it would create a file called backup_Sunday.bak. Ensure the VBscript file is in the same directory as the batch script.

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