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Mac OS X 10.6.2

When changing the default player for '.avi'- files (from Quicktime Player to VLC), I seem to lose the 'video thumbnails' in the 'icon view' in Finder.

Only a 'static vlc cone icon' remains (see picture)...

alt text

Any ideas ? This may seem like a trivial question but keep in mind that it's coming from a very new (2 day) Mac user (coming from Linux).

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VLC doesn't have a QuickLook plugin, so the Finder can't use it to make the thumbnail.

A better solution to playing most AVI files is to install Perian, which adds a bunch of Microsoft codecs and containers to Quicktime, and therefore lets most apps play them.

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Thanks a lot for this answer, I will be looking into this tomorrow! – ChristopheD Jan 3 '10 at 23:14
Seems to be working OK, thanks! – ChristopheD Jan 5 '10 at 9:14

Since Perian's development was stopped, QLVideo seems to be its rightful successor.

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